How to Migrate Data to SharePoint?

Published: 04th January 2009
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Migrating data to a new Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) website create a list on the SharePoint website that has a link to the format of data for migration. With the help of a SharePoint 2007 migration tool, the data will be migrated easily.

While moving data to SharePoint, it is important to maintain the format of data such as tables, links, and other formats, so that users will find it easy to access data in the new environment. Generally, the SharePoint site comes with a Recycle Bin that restores the accidentally deleted content.

Instructions for Content Migration:

Windows SharePoint helps to migrate SharePoint Services technology of Windows to the latest SharePoint version. While migrating, the Move to SharePoint Site Wizard moves the content to created lists based on the list templates on the site of SharePoint. However, if the table of the data does not match to the list template, then the Wizard will create a custom list in the datasheet for that table on the SharePoint site.

The MOSS migration may take some time due to the size of data, number of objects and performance of the system. If the process is taking too much time, then there is an option to stop it. Generally, the wizard always generates a backup copy during the content migration process.

To migrate the data, click on Move to SharePoint on the external tab in the SharePoint Lists group. Pursue the steps of this wizard including determining the location of SharePoint Site. In order to cancel the process, click on Stop option.

The last page of the wizard has an option to see details about the content migration by selecting the Show Details check box. In case, some problem is encountered while migrating content, the wizard will show warnings.

After the content migration is completed, click on Finish Button. It is also important to see the log table.


The aforementioned are few instructions to migrate data to SharePoint. Moreover, the content migration can also be done with the help of a SharePoint migration tool, few SharePoint Command-line tools and other software.

Written by Marcia Henin, content writer for Inter-dev - SEO services Company, on behalf of Tzunami, MOSS migration Company with professional content migration tools to migrate SharePoint in a safe and easy way.

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