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Published: 04th September 2008
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Versace label is not only famous for designer clothes, but it has also accorded its name to renowned perfume companies. These perfumes are favored by celebrities, sports stars and by common individuals too.

There are almost 21 women's fragrances or perfumes and 11 men's colognes that bear the Versace label. Global fashion customers consider Versace as a highly eminent brand and trust its every new product.

The red jeans Gianni Versace perfume, launched in the year 1994 has a sharp and flowery fragrance. The scent is very feminine and contains a blend of vanilla, sandalwood, lily, jasmine and musk. It rejuvenates the mind and keeps the spirits refreshing for the entire day. Individuals need to use it during casual outings.

Baby rose jeans Gianni Versace perfume, launched in the year 1995 is also a refreshing perfume brand from Versace. It possesses a blend of violet, vanilla, notes of mandarin and sandalwood. Individuals can use it for their office, because the mild and cool fragrance lingers throughout the day.

Another popular of the Versace fragrances is Crystal Noir. It has a sensual, delicate and exceptional essence. The middle note of this Gianni Versace perfume comprises of a mysterious gardenia notes, and fresh amber base notes. It makes this fragrance dark, luminous, sensual and distinctive.

Popular Versace Perfumes:

Other Versace perfumes include Versus, Versace perfume for men, and Metal Blue Jeans. The descriptions of these Versace fragrances are as follows:

Versus Perfumes: Versus perfumes are very popular among individuals for many years. Crystal mini fragrance for women has sweet flowery fragrance all dabbed with musky accents. It also contains mild scents of pomegranate, magnolia, plant amber, mahogany and frosted accord. This is one of the most sold Versace fragrances.

Versace perfume for men: This is a unique perfume for men, which comprises a blend of bright Mediterranean notes of black pepper as well as neroli. Individuals may use this type of perfume during daytime.

Metal blue Jeans Versace perfume: It contains notes of plum, iris, black jasmine, orange flower, freesia, with a tinge of musk and notes of sandalwood, heliotrope and vetiver.

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