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Published: 25th May 2010
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Welcome SMS enable mobile operators to differentiate themselves in crowded, competitive markets by initiating a friendly informative dialog with international roamers as soon as they enter a visited country, and provide them information about available services and special offerings.

As roamers usually lack awareness of service offerings and benefits of the visited operator they are reluctant to use their mobile phone while roaming. By using the welcome SMS service, the visited network can reach the inbound roamers and stress their benefits, thereby increasing revenues.

The StarhomeĀ® Sparx™ solution is a new and dynamic interactive roamers' marketing and relations management tool. The cutting-edge solution is designed to provide mobile operators with the ability to leverage their existing knowledge of their customers in order to send focused campaigns to them while roaming. Furthermore, operators can determine a campaign's content in advance and provision different campaigns which can be sent to roaming subscribers during their trip.

Information about roaming subscribers' movements and behavior patterns, together with their roaming usage, is accumulated by Sparx from a range of sources. Sparx then generates dynamic and logical follow-up marketing campaigns for each roaming subscriber enabling it to send the right campaign to the right customer at the right time.

Moreover, in order to better meet the roamer's needs operators may choose whether to send an SMS, MMS or an Email campaign to their roamers based on their handsets' capabilities.

Combined with other Starhome Value Added Services, such as Home Short Code and Intelligent Call Assistant, Sparx is an essential campaign management tool used to inform international travelers about exciting new features and capabilities to not only enhance the mobile operators' roaming offering and communication, but also generate revenues from third party organizations.

The campaigns can include: Tariff campaigns which include the roamer's tariff according to their billing plan in order to prevent "Bill Shock" Informational campaigns such as a list of appropriate short codes, Promotional campaigns such as special offerings, new services available, new roaming packages and many more.

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